Jetpack Image Editoris a Firefox extension which allows you to edit any image on the web. After you installed the extension, right click on the image in Firefox and select Edit Image to activate Jetpack Image Editor. The interface and features are very similar to Photoshop. There are: Tool bar, Layers, History, Adjustment, Filter, and more. Technically speaking, it is like a mini version of Photoshop that runs in Firefox.

jetpack image editor

Jetpack Image Editor 是一个能让你方便快捷地编辑网站上任何图片的Firefox的插件。在你安装这个插件之后,右键点击网页中的图片会有选项选择编辑图片。Jetpack Image Editor 的界面和操作与Photoshop相似,有工具栏、图层、历史记录、调整、滤镜等等。从(专业)技术角度说,它就像一个运行在Firefox里的迷你Photoshop。